Increase product{Blue Seam Sealing Tape} sale through the digital channel during Lockdown Period Quarantine 2020.


This was the time when the lockdown period had just begun. The quarantine had left almost every business crippled with their sales teams confined to their homes. The shift from traditional sales to digital sales overnight was not commonly heard of and AIPL, like any other organization, was in dire need of revenue generation.

With the world troubled by pandemic, AIPL had now developed products specifically designed to aid in creating equipment to fight the situation. The Blue seam sealing tape is a product used in PPE kits to seal off stitch seams and ensure that contaminants do not penetrate the suit. PPE suits were essential equipment for medical professionals and was the need of the hour. The real problem was to find and pitch PPE suit manufacturers and sell them the certified tape for completion of kits. This had to be done without the sales team stepping out of their homes.

Company Introduction:

Ajit Industries Private Limited (AIPL) is one of the pioneers in India engaged in the manufacturing & marketing of various types of Pressure Sensitive Self Adhesive Industrial tapes & Die-Cuts.

AIPL brandbuzz Strategy:

During the Quarantine 2020, the entire medical infrastructure of the nation required PPE suits and so a lot of cloth and garment businesses began manufacturing them to fulfil this gap. The only factor that they did not have were tapes and that is where AIPL stepped up with manufacturing blue seam sealing tape. We decided to tap all the customer through google and social media:-

  • Lead Generation Landing Page
  • Google search ads
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Social Media Management and Optimisation

Landing Page

To work effectively and increase our conversation rate, we created the Landing Page for the product, and over there, we added all the essential info about the product. We started off by key research to gaude consumer attrition on various keywords. We then went a step ahead and understood the pain points to create content that would help in creating the doubts and become highly relevant to the audience: Page Link: Click.

Creative Designing

We need a catchy and efficiently conveying design of the product and its benefits to the viewer. Something that would speak the right message just with visual communication, without using many words. As we are a digital plus design agency, this is not the issue with us. Here are some of the design we created for social media and Landing page:

Google Search Ads

As the product is in demand, many competitors are selling the same product through google search ads. We did competitive bidding in our ads and increase the quality score of the ads by regular optimization of the keyword & content on the landing page & ads copy, improve the web page speed and maintaining the relevant traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

As we already mentioned above, its one of the high demanded and search product so as a result competitor is also very high and big competitor like:

  • IndiaMart
  • Trade India
  • Alibaba

To beat them off and reach the first position, it’s a tough thing to crack, but we did work on Research potential keywords and worked with them in our on-page activity. We focused on our content and made it useful to the point that it became a virtual definition of the product itself. Ergo, we enjoyed the zero position in the google search results for seam sealing tape.

Social Media Management and Optimisation

We post about this product on all the social media platforms in which the brand is available. Moreover, we went ahead and created design and communication that would then be used by the sales team for their own sharing and posting, penetrating their circles and generating effective additional leads out of the exercise.

Lead Tracking Sheet

We created the tracking sheet and added all the leads which are coming from an online channel whether it’s from Landing Page, calls, or social media. The two-pronged purpose was to track and report the status of leads generated and to understand conversions from various industries and geographical segments to measure them in cohorts. This was used to further refine targeting and optimize communication throughout the lifetime of the campaign.

Campaign Result:

  • We collected a total of 1500+ leads during this project in a tenure of 2 months.
  • We were able to tape in early with precise targeting and focused communication leading to almost 90% Lead conversion ratio
  • Great content enables us to become the very definition of a product on the internet hence allowing us to enjoy the coveted position zero.
  • These results not only had a major contribution of sales in this period but high content relevance also improved the overall ranking of the client’s website for the coming times.

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