The saying “good look is a good business” is no more a new thing in hospitality industries. The efficiency and effectiveness of an hospitality industry depends on how the mood & ambience design is been packaged.

Challenge — Solution — Approach


To conceptualize branding for an upcoming fine dinning restaurant less café in very premium locality at Faridabad and create the mood and ambience with help of collaterals, post materials etc,


Our team encapsulated a concept around “cafeteries” based on client brief. Afterwards it carried forward into the point of sales materials and café menu card design to make an impact. we started from inception by creating the logo and then designing all the communications required for a cafe.

Logo Designing

As we all know that logo can be described as the face of a brand.  Quite often, it’s the first thing that your potential customer will notice about your business. Cafe is such a place which reflects and creates your mood.

Above shown logo is an easy way to convey to potential customers that it is designed for a restaurant cum cafe.

Menu card Designing

In hospitality industry and majorly on café, the menu card is not only a simple tool that people look and browse through whenever they would like to see the food offerings of a restaurant.

It is also an important material that provides more details about the branding and theme of the restaurant and should cater the kind of audience that they want to fetch. As we all are aware that the restaurants menu’s are used on online platform or food ordering platforms.

So we created the most important internal advertising tools that can be used to educate a guest about the experience they are about to have. And keep in mind that it will instantly give a snapshot of a restaurant

Visual Merchandising

As already mentioned above the client wanted to open fine dinning restaurant and a café at premium locality of Delhi/NCR so our Marketing expert Mr Rajeev Narang explained the role of Visual merchandising and how it can also play a role in the look, feel and culture of a restaurant. So we created all the essential visual merchandising which helped to create awareness.

Poster Designing

Posters can make all the difference

    We created such posters, which help to grabs the attention of people towards restaurant.

Social Media Post Designing

We provided some effective graphic design for social media and for internal sharing which helps in create in awareness to connect the target audience.

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