Client Brief

  1. Increase Facebook page likes and Instagram Followers
  2. Increase Engagement with existing followers
  3. Retail customers like our social media platform

AIPL BrandBuzz created a campaign:

As Valentine’s Day was coming and it’s all about making love with social media feeds and promoting campaigns with tenderness. So keeping target audience of Calcetto in mind, we created the Zabardast Jodi campaign in which participants were supposed to click a creative picture or make a creative video with their valentine and share with us, this is how our audience has got engaged with the brand. Duration of the campaign was 2 weeks.

    Day one we announced the contest by showing this creative

    Using Social media ads to increase engagement in “Zabardast Jodi” campaign

One step most agencies often forget is to develop an engagement funnel from prospecting users to make an engaging user online or at stores.

  • Awareness: Our first goal was to attract various users, whether they don’t know about the Calcetto brand or those who are highly interested. This broadcast help brings in multiple users of different backgrounds and age groups to engage with our campaign.
  • Consideration: This phase helps provide more relevancy to the individual user’s behaviors. We retarget each group differently to avoid being too spammy or repetitive with our ads.

To effectively move users this way through your engagement funnel, we had to create the right steps in each area of our social ads.

    Activities we have done while the campaign was ongoing to create the exitement

During the Campaign “Zabardast Jodi”, we created a post of participants image to create the excitement and tagged them on social media. We achieved two things by this:

  1. Interact with the participant and make them feel special.
  2. Asking for more participants to participate in this contest.

We received lots of appreciation on a message from the participant for showcasing their image on the Calcetto official fan page which helped us build an emotional bond with brand and their followers, and it also helps us to increase the number of entries.


  • Total No. of entries: 150+
  • Page Likes Increased by 3,381
  • Instagram followers increased by 534

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