Are you ready for post lockdown normal?

Here is a Complementary poster for you to put up at your workplace.

Last few months have been redefining and have not just forced us to stay at home but also have changed the way we work. Work from home and learn from home operations have been nothing short of stellar.

However, the world has to open, schools and colleges have to start taking classes, factories have to start manufacturing and offices will have to be reopened. We all have been aware of practices like wearing a mask or frequently washing our hands. We also have heard of social distancing.

Social distancing, hands down, is our biggest weapon in fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, because of lockdown, social distancing has only been restricted to grocery shopping or essential services. The time has come when they will be open to other activities as the world opens up. The key to follow social distancing is education. Putting up posters, labels, floor marking tapes and barricades not only educate and guide people but also serve as consistent reminders of social distancing.

Once a message is placed, it is the key to stopping the spread and containment of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Phenk Mat-Gaadi se sadak par!

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