Brand Introduction:

La Intimo means “the intimate” in Spanish. As the name suggests, the brand is about intimate Inner-wear for males and females. La Intimo is a premium Intimate wear brand that is only available online. You can find it on all leading e-commerce platforms like Snapdeal, ShopClues, Flipkart, Amazon, LimeRoad, Paytm, Voonik, Home Shop18, etc.

AIPL Brandbuzz Strategy

  • Choosing the objective
  • Connected with influencers as per our target audience.
  • Making the deal between Influencer and Brand
  • Cross promotion on social media
  • Synced with website communication

Choosing the single objective

The objective of the campaign was brand awareness and reaching the correct set of audiences and targeting demographics, we were not looking for boosting the sale upfront but to build the branding in people’s mind.

Connect with influencers

La Intimo has already participated in a few intimate fashion shows, so some models and influencers were already aware about the brand and they love the product. Initially, we created a list of models/influencers and explained that we are planning to launch our new collection through influencers and asked them to join us.

Making the deal between Influencer and Brand

In general, there are two types of arrangements you can be made with influencers.

  • Monetary
  • Barter System

Cross promotion on social media

Once everything was set and influencers were ready with their innovative content(image/video). We launched it on social media. We asked the influencer to tag us on every post and upload it to their story.

Once an influencer was done with the posting, we reshared the content and run ads on it.

Synced with website communication

We synced our social media influencer activity with our website by uploading the same image on our website product page and even started writing the blog around our influencer and product. By doing this activity, when any social media user was influenced by our action and reaches the La Intimo website. He connects with it on an immediate basis as the communication was the same.

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