Marketing & Growth tips during COVID-19 Lockdown for Marketers and CEO's

By: Rajeev Narang

Rajeev Narang, a seasoned marketing veteran, Guru, and TEDx speaker recently shared some tips on Marketing & Growth during COVID-19 lockdown that are valid as well as vital for Bands and corporates.
You can watch the full conversation between Author Sherry and Rajeev Narang about this topic on youtube where he shared some simple, relevant, and effective tips that come from his 29 years of experience as a sales and marketing consultant while supporting his clients in turbulent times. Here is a small summary.

All the markets are locked down, how will this impact sales teams and professionals?

The sales team should focus more on the training aspect. Individuals contributors must change perspective and take ownership so that they could better analyze the dynamic environment and choose the right course to adapt themselves. This vigilance becomes the key to defining the key strategy and choosing suitable tactics to support the organization. Another important aspect is to learn new skills like the optimized use of technology to do business. This would help to reach the next level of growth and open new horizons for crossing traditional barriers and doing business.

How branding plays a vital role in the marketing of a brand and how a company should follow during this COVID-19 lockdown?

Branding is not only about logos; it is a continuous activity that is not only done externally for the brand but also done internally for the team members. In times of crisis, moment marketing often becomes the key to success. A marketing professional should always keep their eyes open to the world for such opportunities. It becomes vital to clearly understand the organizational objectives and devices strategies that would allow brands to keep visibility and not get dropped from the mind share of the customer. It is also important to define a tactical approach so that overkill can be avoided. One must always remember, that during times of crisis, resources become more valuable, and return on investment is more closely monitored than under normal circumstances.

What is the future of sales and marketing after the phase of COVID-19 Lockdown?

Social distancing will continue and becomes the ‘new normal’. This means that the use of technologies like virtual meetings will be replacing physically interactions. Traditional exhibitions too will be replaced by virtual exhibitions and there should be a significant shift from retail to e-tail.
Physical interaction might become retrained for business development purposes and not for regular communications. In totality, one can say that the use of technology to interact becomes the new normal.

What will be the impact of COVID 19 on social media?

As conventional advertising becomes hindered by government policies, digital and social media would get a more significant chunk of the marketing budget. It is here, that moment marketing becomes most important than ever. It is here that the future of brand and product showcasing awaits. SME's can only survive if they have sustainable plans in this dynamic market. SME's could only survive if they have defined structures and methods for their future. They need to learn to u8tilize their time and work for the future. As suggested by using more technology, organizing more training programs, skills, the process of training and development should improve them to be ready to fight with future situations.

What should a company do when they start marketing and branding?

A defined business plan is the first and foremost thing about starting a new venture. The plan should also analyze the dynamic environment and should focus on sustainability to survive in the long run. Then the next step for them is to understand and define their branding, media mix, content mix and advertising channels along with a robust market budgeting strategy.

A very thoughtful phase, KUCH TOH KARO NA, and spread happiness by your work. As it is well said, happy clients lead to a pleasant company.

We will highly recommend you to watch and listen to the full video of Rajeev Narang sharing their marketing and growth tips during COVID19 lockdown on youtube.