Hillson swag

Brand Introduction:

Hillson Footwear Pvt. Ltd. is 40 years old in the Indian safety footwear industry. The constant focus behind making a product has been to execute the share of responsibility it holds to safeguard the worker at not so easy work stations. The product range includes Safety Shoes, Safety Gumboot, Pvc Gumboots, Industrial Safety Gumboot, and Leather Safety Shoes, etc.

Client Briefing:

To launch a new footwear product that is stylish + colorful and also has the features of a safety shoe at the same time, which can tap both B2B audience & B2C audience.

AIPL BrandBuzz Strategy:

We projected the shoe to look like a stylish shoe with added safety which makes it tough and usable in different conditions, which a customer can wear anywhere whether he is in a factory or going for the party or in general. So we created a full 360-degree plan from naming the product to going to market strategy.

Choosing Product name:

Product name plays a different role, it may not directly help in branding or sale, but it plays a very crucial role because it somehow becomes the identity of the product. We needed a name that is generic & can be pronounced easily and merges with retail footwear category and we finally chose the name: “SWAG”

Writing a Slogan for the product

We create a slogan that helps us to differentiate our product from the hillson competitors, and it also incorporates the company's overall mission of launching this product. So we created: "Style bhi, Safety bhi"

Product packaging

Keeping in mind the product positioning of Style and safety. We created 7-8 options and at last finalized one which suits best to our product. As it’s a shoe packaging we designed few more thing which compliment it likewise: Tags, wrapping paper, and Sling Bags etc

Product Photography

As we all know that Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media and groups so keeping that insight in mind we clearly focus on good product photography because it plays a huge role in determining sales whether it’s online or offline.

Point of purchase

As you know POP has become a staple strategy which help us to generate demand or educate buyers about new product category launch and for that we created standees, danglers, wobblers, shelf talker, and posters etc

Sales Team Training

Sales team plays a very important role in the market placement of any new product for an organization. We trained their sales team members and provided them all the sales tools like Product Brochure, Company Presentation. We helped them to form a very strong retail network and helped them to create a new channel for increased sales.

Product Merchandising

It plays an exclusive role in overall 360-degree marketing, it helps in creating a space for our product in customer minds, and for that, we created some merchandising. Likewise: Pen stands, T-shirts,Sippers and Pen etc

Digital Media launch

360 degree Marketing is incomplete without digital marketing, and it's the best platform to connect with the right set of audiences and for that we done some task:

  1. Created landing page specifically for that product
  2. Social Media Product launch campaign
  3. Running brand awareness campaign ads on specific areas(which are high potential area)
  4. Shoot Emailer to an existing audience base


Fashionable & Comfortable Shoes for Industrial People

Each creative tells a story of how safety footwear moves away from bulky boots toward the Fashionable and more comfortable category.


Showcasing Strength & Durability of shoes

Swag targets the middle-class segment and is positioning itself as a Rugged, high-quality premium casual shoes.


Showcasing outdoor/trekking shoes

We carefully presented the brand as an outdoor/ trekking kind of shoe that captured the imagination of Indian youth.

Distributor meeting

Setting/organizing multiple meetings with distributors all over India and updating them about new product launches. So it helps us to generate demand for the product.

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